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For decades, civil rights leaders have called on white people to organize their own communities for racial justice. The Barnraisers Project was founded because we believe that it’s well past time that we finally lived up to that charge. Our model equips normal folks (people who’ve never thought of themselves as organizers) on how to move their social networks from denial and defensiveness to action. We know it works because we’ve tested it in a wide variety of communities—urban and rural; rich and poor; left, right and center. We’ve helped transform the policies and politicians white people support, where they send their kids to school, how and where they work and who they welcome as neighbors.

Our founder spent three years developing and honing an innovative model to help white people better talk about and organize for racial justice. He’s trained hundreds of people across 40 states (both virtually and in-person) and directly coached organizers who’ve, in turn, launched dozens of innovative, successful community campaigns (including reparations projects, political campaigns, workplace transformations and efforts for school integration).

Imagine a country where our assumptions about what “white communities” will or won’t do when they’re called on to pitch in for the common good were no longer true… where white parents chose to send their kids to integrating schools, where white homeowners supported affordable housing projects in their neighborhood, where rural white communities organized for mutual aid and community support. Currently, Barnraisers is a part-time, one-person labor of love. With your support however, here’s how we’d expand our work:


  • Offer a broader range of free virtual trainings to better serve would-be organizers at varying stages in their development.
  • Provide long-term coaching support for promising, innovative community projects.
  • Hire full-time organizers to launch and sustain region-wide organizing efforts.

Regardless of the campaign you’re running (be it for housing justice, environmental stewardship, educational equity, immigration justice or a world beyond police brutality and mass incarceration) it is exceedingly likely that there are white people in your community standing in the way of progress. Our role isn’t to parachute in and take over your work. Instead, we provide training and coaching so that you can run successful organizing campaigns that transform your white neighbors’ hearts and minds and builds partners where previously there were barriers. From short-term trainings to extended coaching relationships, we’ll match our model to your stengths, resources and needs.

In addition to customized trainings for our partners, we’re currently offering a five-session, biweekly virtual cohort experience to the general public. This course serves as an introduction to organizing for racial justice in white communities. In it you’ll learn why conversations about race are usually so unsuccessful, how to develop mindset-shifting relationships and how to execute organizing campaigns that are accountable to BIPOC activism in your community.