An outstretched hand. A rolled-up sleeve. Our role to play in the march towards racial justice.


For decades, civil rights leaders have called on white people to organize against racism and white supremacy in our own communities.

We founded The Barnraisers Project because it’s well past time that we heeded that call and moved past the twin traps of polite silence and social media rock fights.

Our model equips average folks (people who’ve never thought of themselves as organizers) with the tools to move their social networks from denial and defensiveness to action. We know it works because we’ve tested it in a wide variety of places– urban and rural; wealthy and poor; left, right and center. In every context, we’ve helped transform the policies that white people support, where they send their kids to school, how and where they work and who they welcome as neighbors.

Our current work

Barnraisers officially launched in the fall of 2020 after years of development and testing. In our first stage, our goal is to help seed and support a network of white anti-racist organizers across the country. We do so in the following ways:

Our second phase

Our dream is to move every majority-white community from our current state (where we stand in the way of collective progress) towards a new reality where we’re pulling our weight in multiracial coalitions for justice. Getting there will take community-led organizing from coast-to-coast.  With your membership and support, here are some of the ways we hope to expand our work:

  • Hire lead organizers in target communities to coordinate long-term campaigns and to offer deeper support to Barnraisers members in their area. 
  • Launch online organizing efforts, with a particular focus on spaces where white youth and young adults are susceptible to radicalization (Twitch, Youtube, Reddit, etc.).
  • Publish and disseminate our organizing model to ensure that every white person everywhere has the tools to build transformative relationships that change hearts and minds.