Barnraisers is launching as a one-person labor of love. With your support, though, we hope to grow our crew of organizers (and then you can come back here to celebrate as the term "team" becomes more accurate).

That’s Garrett, our founder. You can email him at 

For the first dozen years of his career or so, he followed the kind of path that would be familiar to a lot of social-justice-inclined white people. He taught fifth graders on the Navajo Nation and refugee adults in Chicago. He received a Fulbright Fellowship to study international solidarity work in Sweden and Tanzania. He held both local and national leadership positions at Teach For America. And then…well… he left that path. It’s a good story, which you can read about here. The short version is that he started to question why the default assumption amongst do-goodery white people is that “the work” is always in other peoples’ towns and neighborhoods. Those questions turned into other questions and the snowball kept rolling until The Barnraisers Project was born.

Other things you should know about Garrett: He’s really good at caring about other human beings, coaching them to be the best community members possible and inspiring groups of people to build things together. He’s lived in Clancy and Missoula, MT; Columbia, MD; Richmond, IN; Crownpoint, NM; Stockholm, Sweden; Chicago, IL and Madison and Milwaukee, WI. He’s a dad, which rules. Oh, and he still makes actual, physical mixtapes (and would probably send you one if you asked).